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PAU Cafeteria

Welcome to the Pan-Atlantic University Cafeteria. Your ideal place for quality and afforable food. 

Guidelines of NCDC and the University's COVID-19 policies as follows

  1. Hands must be sanitized on entering the cafeteria

  2. Face masks must be worn at all times in the cafeteria except when eating or drinking

  3. All food bought will be served in takeaway packs only.

  4. All purchases will be made through the PAU cafe mobile App or the self-service point of sale terminals in the cafeteria to eliminate any form of contamination that may arise due to cash/card handling. Please meet the undersigned or any of the ICT staff for any assistance regarding this.

  5. The sitting capacity has been reduced by 50% to ensure social distancing, therefore, every table will take 2 persons sitting at opposite ends. You have the liberty to eat in the executive cafeteria when the general cafeteria is full.

  6. We urge you to read and obey all other instructional signages that have been installed in the cafeteria and the entire University.